A matter of skin

We play a lot with asking each other “What turns you on in a person?”. Some people say “A nice butt”, while others say “A good sense of humor”, “Their hands” or “Sharing an interesting conversation”. But we know that none of these things are enough in the end; Either there is chemistry and something magical runs through your body when that person talks to you, looks at you or touches you, or they can have the best butt or the nicest smile in the whole world, but without that special connection you will be left with an empty feeling, knowing that it’s not going to work.

And that magical something, what is it? Well, it is the chemistry given between you and I. It is something about you, which I probably don’t even know what it is exactly, that just touches me. It fits my skin and the way I feel about things. It is neither profound nor superficial; it just happens, intensively. And by skin, I mean that your skin speaks to you with goosebumps and says “Wow, this person… Oooh”. There is this something that arises within you which makes you want to know and see more of that person, to get close, to play… And that, somehow, happens through that other person’s ability of touching you without their hands… Their beauty is relative, but their words either push your buttons or not. Their body also counts, but not because of its shape, but for the way it moves and comes closer to you.

It’s all that what turns us on or gets us totally down. Certainly it is not the static image of a photograph, which is nothing else than a better or a worse made selfie, which can orientate us as about the possibilities of this meeting.

In order that your skin could or could not answer to the meeting with a person, it is necessary to have that special exchange, a minimum of information and interaction. A word, a tone of humor, or a glance, which can all take you very far.

Many people don’t want to even consider the possibility of meeting people via online. They think it’s impossible it could be and feel even a little similar to real life. It’s true that “dating apps” facilitate meetings with other people, offering several profiles the user can choose to speak with. It helps you as well to deal with your possible inhibitions. But besides those aspects, which both are pros, the rest depends on the app and the use one gives to it.

It is a fact that the chances to meet people are higher, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to put your seducing skills on. The dating app helps, but it doesn’t make miracles. And that is when you need to act like IRL, that’s you and only you doing your best to attract that person you like.

Anyway, Appetence is a step closer in the direction of realism. It doesn’t give you all the information about the other person at once. Like IRL you have to talk and see little by little how the other person is, seduced them to stay, get to know them better, and then; dare to invite them to have a date!

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