A small big difference

When you are about to decide which dating app to download among all those that exist, you will probably ask yourself which one will adapt most to what you are looking for. That is actually the same question we asked ourselves when we decided to create Appetence. What would we like to find when downloading an app of this kind? We came up with several fundamental ideas right away: “I would like this app to be something else and more than just a simple photographic album” one said. “I would like it to have a filter that would select and connect me with people I have something in common with. Affinity. I am tired of meeting thousands of people with whom I have nothing to really share” said another. “Well, for me it’s essential that this app should be different in a way where the real emotions and the surprises of getting to know a person should be included and incorporated in the process”, and in this way, with these and some other ideas, we started designing Appetence.

Since ideas don’t belong to just one person, we began to read hundreds of articles and reviews which reflected users’ opinions on love, dating and dating apps. Time after time we came to the same conclusion: there is a huge need for a dating app that facilitates encounters between people, but at the same time, reflects the real feeling and the charm of meeting someone like in real life; the intrigue, the mystery, the game, etc.

In Appetence, your encounters are not just a selection of profiles; they are given to you based on tastes and lifestyle compatibility, and that isn’t all; besides, once there is a connection between two people who have decided to give each other a chance, the game begins, which will give place to the emotions and the surprises as they appear in the real life. In this way, you will at all times feel that you are getting to know someone, with the potential of experiencing all the feelings that are born when you like someone and want to keep discovering how they are and if there is this magical chemistry between the two of you.

We believe we’ve hit the nail on the head with these small big differences. Now you tell us!

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