Advantages of taking things ‘Slow’

The repercussion that Appetence is generating in the world of dating is and has been a wonderful surprise. A much asked question is; Are we really that superficial when it comes to relationships? Maybe we are, maybe we are not. Like everything in this life; there are different colors to each taste. But there is no doubt that the advantages of taking things slow are innumerable.

The first and most important point is the injustice behind online dating. Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of fantastic people that you have let pass by (or swiped left on) in a dating app, because in a certain moment you did not fancy that other persons picture? Love or desire at first sight is a cliché that has been maintained for years, but we all know that in the end, it is the sum of many other things that make a relationship lasting. This is exactly why Appetence is more than anything an incredible ‘generator of opportunities’. You cannot imagine the amount of stories we could tell about couples that in other dating apps were completely ignored by one another, and later when they met in Appetence, they found something much deeper and more beautiful than any of them could have imagined. Remember also; If you are quick on judging people by their images, everyone else will be doing exactly the same with you. It’s all about slowing down and giving love a chance. Love at first sight? Well, that idea might work in Hollywood, but in real life, in addition to physical attraction, there are other factors that online dating has made us forget. In Appetence the image is not the first thing you see, but certainly not the last! To seduce and to be seduced is to gradually discover everything that makes two people so compatible and at the same time discover something more than the picture. Mystery, chemistry and the conversation are our main ingredients, because we know that it is in the beginning of a connection, relationship or a love story where we most enjoy the initial magic. In Appetence, we did not want to take away that fun from you. We seek to redefine the concept of online dating by recreating once again the most gratifying feeling of all the feelings that exist when it comes to seducing someone: the conquest.

Our ‘Slow Matchmaking’ compatibility algorithm has been developed jointly by our technical team and a group of psychoanalysts, social educators and gender counselors. We worked for several months on finding all the aspects that human beings have in common, giving relevance to the general aspects of everyday life, such as lifestyle, values, emotions and different personal tastes ranging from music, reading , cinema, traveling, gastronomy, and so on. Being compatible does not mean to be equal, but to have things in common and something to share. The ‘game’ in Appetence is based on deciphering what the connection between you and that other person is.

All this is what more and more people know as ‘Slow Dating’. For each day, more people are joining this movement of taking things slow, step by step, without hurry of any kind. We believe in love. We believe in that true, crazy and wonderful kind of love. And we are convinced that while you are finding it, you will have a lot of fun.

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  1. Zara

    I assume everyone in the Appetence team is in a loving and nurturing relationship? Not asking as a cynic or being sarcastic; just am genuinely interested to find out if the Purveyors of Slow Dating are themselves success storie. I certainly hope so. Love is not difficult or complicated- people are. And if you’ve cracked the mystery then bravo and sincere congratulations from someone who has had their heart broken so many times. If I believed in it I would certainly sign up.

    Ps plse don’t post my email for the world to see 🙂

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