How to improve your profile

Come on, let’s improve your profile so that you have more and better matches.

Perhaps you have not completed enough your profile. Remember that the more information you fill in, the easier it will be for us to find people who are compatible with you. Go for it! It will take you just a few minutes which will result in finding people you like.

Take a look on your Status. Is it original? Or is it a typical sentence? Come on, write something that defines you, be unique! The more interesting you show yourself, the more will people be interested in getting to know you.

Don’t really log into the app so much? Remember, the more active you are, the more you will be able to interact and let other people get to know you. Besides, if you have not found anybody you fancy yet, use the browser and see what happens!

Are you playing too hard to get? It’s cool if you like to let other people feel like they are fighting for you, but… what if by doing this, you actually miss a great opportunity? Take the initiative to talk with people you feel attracted to, there is always time to say no later.

Our team knows the importance of balanced communication! People who know how to balance between sharing information and showing interest in another person, usually have better results than those who just pay attention to the other, or worse, just talk about themselves. Talking and truly listening to the other person is a good cocktail to attract people!

As you know, in Appetence your image is not the first thing, but neither the last! Upload a good profile photo, and by good we mean a photo in which how and who you are is reflected. Give it a little salt and pepper when editing it, and let your face say it all! We are sure that other users pay a lot of attention above all to the gesture, the originality, and the style of your photo.

If you are a guy… Be conscious about compliments and flirtatious remarks! A simple “Hello” is a little poor, and a “Hi beautiful”, too typical. It is better to start a conversation with a “Hi, how is your day being so far?” and break the ice with daily life affairs. Then with time, as you truly connect, compliments too will be sent and received with a more natural flow.

Authenticity above all: Because being natural is essential in these things, especially if you are looking for a stable relationship. You can even share some small defects about yourself with humour; it humanizes you and can increase your chances.

Be honest! Because you know the truth always comes out… It is possible that wearing a mask works out for a while, but it is proved that sooner or later, and generally sooner, the mask falls down. It is not necessary to reveal all of your mysteries and deepest secrets, but make sure at least not to tell the opposite from what is true.


  1. Sally

    How do you use the browser? What do I type in?

  2. Lyn

    Hi, I’d also like to know how you use the browser. What do you search for there?

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