The day has arrived

Months of work have brought us to this moment that we have all been waiting for so long; To be able to bring you an app that we are extremely excited about. Because it’s different, because it’s fun, and because it revives the wonderful aspects of encounters between people. Those aspects which have been left aside by hurry and disenchantment. We have wanted to create an app in which the magic of discovering someone little by little, tasting details, the enjoyment through playing and a high probability of attraction by means of a compatibility system would all come together. And now… We have made it!

It has not been easy. We have put in a great effort, a lot of willing, millions of brainstorms and an enormous amount of passion in our idea, which now have made unbelievable results. It’s been quite an adventure in which we’ve believed from the very first day because we have all shared a same vision of love: love is not something you choose in a showcase, love assaults and surprises you after you meet someone, when you discover some detail in particular, a way of being that makes you shake. Love always arises in an unexpected moment.

It was also clear for us that meeting someone can take you through different ways, ending up being a good friendship, a one-night stand, a romance or maybe the one and only, the love of your life… And this is the reason for why we have involved so much care in making Appetence an open application in which you can choose what you are looking for and enjoy being surprised by what you find. Appetence offers you profiles of high compatibility with yours, and from there; what has to arise will rise …

So for all this, today is the day, our day. A very much expected day that we want to celebrate with you. Let’s fall in love!

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